New School Garden Training Program

Please see our HOME page for an exciting new school garden program aimed at establishing gardens for all school children!

Volunteer for SEEDS!

This large (half-acre) "farm" garden managed by the local nonprofit organization SEEDS is designed to be used as an educational space for local youth to learn about growing food, the local food system, and healthy eating. Students often visit the garden to help and harvest their own food, and the food is used mainly in cooking classes with area youth and other food-based events conducted by SEEDS. Volunteers are needed on a weekly basis to help with development and upkeep of the garden including planting, weeding, harvesting, and related projects.  The SEEDS "farm" garden is located in the Historic Barns Park area near the corner of Silver Lake and Franke Roads at the southwest corner of Traverse City. Point of contact is Juliana Lisuk,; or contact Mike Davis,, for further information.

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