Saturday, April 16, 2016

What a Difference a Week Makes!

By Mike Davis

Twenty-two degrees in NW Lower Michigan on a morning just a week ago, so the previous day’s snow melt had lost its momentum. There was some sun peeking through, though, so I took a quick walk in the back yard. A few things were awakening from their cozy winter slumber under white blankets including...

Those sweet, versatile Egyptian onions, then:
Egyptian 4-9-16.jpg

And here they were this morning:
Onions 4-16-16.jpg

The sweet, mild Spontaneo porcelain hardneck garlic then:
Garlic 4-9-16.jpg
The garlic plant in the foreground is growing from a clove harvested in August 2015, while the three smaller ones near the stake are from half-inch-diameter first-year “rounds” I grew from bulbils planted in 2014. (The green plastic pin to the right is holding an irrigation line in place.)

And now:
Garlic 4-16-16.jpg
Note especially the rapid growth of the plants grown from rounds (around and behind the stake). For photos of the rounds and bulbils, please see my 8-1-2015 post below. The tiny bulbils planted last October are also up and growing now:

And the tasty, vigorous sylvetta (wild arugula) then:
Sylvetta 4-9-16.jpg

And now (well, not so much different, but then I snipped some in the interim; it was OK but not quite as tasty as it will become):
Sylvetta 4-16-16.jpg

Oh, and by the way, it’s 48 degrees warmer than the time when the May 9 photos were taken. Spring is finally here in Northwest Lower Michigan!

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